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This project is the largest that the City has undertaken. The Peirce Island Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) upgrade expands treatment at the plant to an advanced secondary process which removes organics and nitrogen. Progress videos are available on our YouTube page, shown below.

For more information on this project:

Terry Desmarais, P.E, City Engineer

Tel: (603) 766-1421
To report an issue, please fill out a Report Form.

Public Meetings

Monthly public meetings with City staff, the Contractor and other officials involved in the project are typically held every third Wednesday each month at 11 a.m. in City Hall's Conference Room A to ensure that citizens are informed; these meetings are broadcasted and available on the City’s YouTube channel, with presentations and notes available at Wastewater Public Meetings. The next public meeting is September 20.

The Coming Week

(Current Schedule 8/21/2017 - 8/25/2017)
Anticipated Construction Traffic Volume: High

This work this week will include, but not be limited to:
  • Place concrete for the BAF foundation, walls and second level floors
  • Install stormwater outfall
  • Install underground Odor Control piping to Gravity Thickener #1
  • Placed concrete for ductbanks at the new Electric Building and site ductbanks
  • Set precast walls for the Electric Building
  • Deliver and set the Emergency Generator
  • Continue interior mechanical, electrical and plumbing work and painting at the Headworks building
  • Install Odor Control equipment pad and ductwork at Headworks building
  • Continue yard piping to grit building
  • Demolish Ferric Chloride tanks and paint chemical containment area
  • Install structural steel supports in Grit Building lower level
  • Perform leak test and place concrete fill at the channels in Headworks building
  • Install metal coping, windows and doors on Headworks building
  • Continue to export excavated materials off site
  • Excavate to expose existing primary sludge piping at the clarifiers
  • Continued fit out of temporary staff trailer complex


Project Factsheet

  • Start Date: September 2016
  • BAF Substantial Completion: December 2019
  • Secondary Permit Compliance: April 2020
  • Project Substantial Completion: May 2020
  • Final Completion: August 2020
  • Project Construction Costs:
  • -Original Contract:      $72.786 million
    -Change Order No. 1:  $0.367 million
    -Change Order No. 2:  $0.547 million
    -Total Contract:          $73.700 million
    *For additional information on project costs and change orders, please contact Terry Desmarais, City Engineer
  • Design Engineer: AECOM
  • General Contractor: Methuen Construction
  • Design Flow: 6.1 MGD average
  • New Treatment Processes:
    • New Headworks
    • Biologically aerated/anoxic filter (BAF) using the Kruger BioSTYR ™ technology for Secondary Treatment and Nitrogen Removal
    • Rotary screw presses for solids dewatering

News and Updates

Recreational Impact Advisory

State Fish Pier: No restrictions – Open
Public Boat Launch: No restrictions. Open seasonally.
Four Tree Island Parking Lot: No restrictions - Open.
Four Tree Island : No restrictions - Open.
Off-leash Dog Area: Closed. No dogs allowed on Peirce Island from the bridge.
Peirce Island Outdoor Pool Access: Currently Unrestricted – Open seasonally.

Map of Project Area

Designated Map of Construction Traffic Route

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